U-SONMista Martin

U-Son grew up in the 80s. Music always played a big roll in his family. His four sisters sang in a choir and a huge record collection, always available for all family members, had the first impact on U-Son’s musical development. Starting with sharing a hobby with his father: the recording of mixtapes. This passion of a young age became a true devotion for U-Son after his first visit to Jamaica in the year 2000. Now, definitely addicted to reggae music, he would start to create a fine feeling for selecting tracks and blending them into a homogeneous and aesthetic mix. A little later he started out as a selector for the MSF-Soundsystem and began singing to several instrumentals. And it did not take too long, singing became the part he was laying his focus on. Still not losing the passion for selecting records just like he does nowadays for the I&I-Grade soundsystem. With a solid routine in running soundsystem shows, performing with a live band was the next step to take for U-Son.
With his second band project “I-SIGHT”, U-SON got more and more professional and finally played support shows for artists such as PERFECT, LUTAN FYAH, JAH MASON, CHEZIDECK, ZIGGI RECADO, UWE BANTON, GANJAMAN or JAHCOUSTIX.
In the year 2011 he collaborated with MISTA MARTIN of FREETIME RECORDS, an upcoming independent label specialized on reggae music. Together they produced his solo-album “GUIDING STAR”. All riddims on the album are created and composed by MISTA MARTIN and U-SON. The major style of the album can be described as deep modern roots with a slice of 90s-sound as well as 2013 state of art dancehall on the other hand side.

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