Singing UMista Martin
Edward Wilson, known as Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael, was born in Shrewsberry, Portland-Jamaica. As a youth, he grew up surrounded by many musicians, who still to date have influenced and are still giving him motivation to continue working and making music not only to entertain but also to encourage. He is a very spiritual person who lives according to the laws of the Hebrew Israelites. In 1996 he came to Germany to build up his reputation. Here his talent was quickly recognized, so that made a name in a short time as a reggae singer. Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael worked on stage together with Uwe Banton, Marlon B , Söhne Mannheims, Ganjaman, Shocking Murray to name a few. His sensitive and hypnotic voice in combination with his charisma are his guarantee for the physical and spiritual satisfaction of his fans. Singing U’s vibes are unprecedented; he can anticipate and more importantly sway the crowd’s emotions into the direction of the music he sings. Not only recognized for his skill and talent as a solo artist, Singing U is also well known amongst Jamaica’s Top a Top Reggae entertainers. He is chasing creativity, not competition. His energy is shocking, and is sure to entertain both Queens and Kings, wise and ignorant, hustler or gangster, sick or cured. His sessions are simply what the doctor ordered. He has the ability to make you lose yourself. 
Singing U want to produce hopeful music to make the world stronger and not weaker. His songs speak of wisdom that can be gained by the acceptance of the truth , the reality , as it goes around learning. The album “PROGRESSIVE” (produced by Sunvibe Records) was released in 2000. In 2010 he toured in Tunesia and 2011 he was on tour with “DIE SÖHNE MANNHEIMS”. The album “JOURNEY TO YISRAEL” (produced by Ever Blazzing Production) was released in 2011. The album is a product of deep meditation, energy, and filled with spirituality displaying the r strength and motivation to seek and represent the human aspects of life through the wisdom of the most high. The album proves Singing U’s quality and versatility, working with international producers, musicians and fellow artists who have shared the same ideology and strength of life with him, through the time, which has brought out a rare product, which is definately set to make the fans and music lovers enjoy the love, and wisdom which has been lyrically and musically put in the album. The diversity of featured artists, shows how clourfull the album is too, from Shocking Murray, Cassandra, Abiodun, Kalibwoy just to name a few. The new album “SINGING U aka BOBO YISRAEL – THE TRUTH REVEALS” was released in November 2014. The album contains 15 brandnew songs and riddims composed and produced by Freetime Records. The single releases taken from this album are called “My Pain” and “Searching” and were also released in 2014.

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