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Ree-Know was born in 1975 in Düsseldorf (Germany) where he still lives today. As deeply rooted as he is in this rhine metropolis, as strong is his connection with Sicily, home of his parents. At least annually, Ree-Know visits his friends and family on this island to enjoy cultural, culinary and foremost musical evenings. His great passion for music was sparked in his infancy by his family. Using sticks or just his hands, he was hooked on drums in his early years. Lateron he started learning percussions and widely expanded his abilities at the Conga Academy in Düsseldorf.
Likewise, he found his love for reggae very early. Being 10 years old he listened to reggae songs out of his uncle’s room. Immediately, he felt connected to this certain groove. Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Aswad, even Shabba Ranks’ style and lot of others got him excited: “I fell rightaway for the sound of offbeats, this special kind of singing and seemingly deeply rebellious bassline.”
A few years later he started to write his own lyrics for instrumental riddims and discovered another passion: Singing. Ree-Know constantly kept improving his musical and singing abilities and finally joined his first reggae band in 2005 – as lead singer. He quickly gained ground inside the reggae society and got to know ambitious musicians, who further inspired him to start more projects. His latest reggae projects as a singer and lead singer with “Sane Ground” and “Headshop” from Düsseldorf. During all that time, he wrote lyrics in german, english, and sicilian to someday fulfill his dream of becoming a solo artist performing his own art. In 2009 he got closer to that dream when he witnessed the birth of a label called Freetime-Records in Oberhausen, Germany, which soon produced a large number of catchy riddims. Today, Ree-Know is closely working with Freetime-Records as a Singer/Songwriter. In 2014 they jointly released two sicilian reggae tunes and are currently working on new material. Something to look forward to for reggae lovers!

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